Comment to 'Goodbye, Facebook and your useless results. [UPDATED]'
  • This brings me to the reality of how allot of people today want to have alternatives to Big Tech social media platforms.  And so, looking at other social media CMS scripts, Dolphin is more like what I envision.  My idea for something that people can use for social media is more like how the old MySpace use to be before they became a music promotion site.  Where the users could customize their profile page, I learned html that way back in the day.  So Dolphin offers allot in terms of something interesting, Parler is just a clone of Twitter and does not offer the user to post more than a specified amount of characters, phpFox looks like a clone of the early Facebook.  Oxwall and Elgg work well on XAMPP at home but will not install in host Online.  Anyways allot of us are interested in new social media platforms and the one that offers the most with ease of use and installation with lots of well worked out plugins or modules will be the wave of the future.