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I read up on making a PWA app for a website and using such things as the manifest.json file etc, but there was no information on where to install it in a website.  Such as what folder, and what the name of the folder should be, as well as how to tell the server you have a PWA installed?  Of which I was wondering if this is listed in the htaccess file?  

Comments are welcome, and if you have a link to a resource that details this specifically, then post that.  I find this interesting, and have some ideas for use, and have begun a PWA using html and css with json, which basically amounts to a custom landing page for app users, but where to locate this at in my UNA installation is what I want to learn, along with how to get it working on the site.

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I was looking at the various security features of my host, which consist of the standard SSL, DNSSEC, and a firewall called ModSecurity. Then I thought about adding a firewall inside of UNA and remembered Ninja Firewall used in Wordpress. Well to make a long story short, they do have a version that can be added to any PHP site, where you install it in a recommended directory in your site (UNA installation) using its installation page to install it just like UNA has, and then add a script to your htaccess file to get it going.

There is a free Pro edition, that is powerful enough for anyone, along with other security features on your hosting platform.

NinTechNet is what you are looking for on the web. I cannot post the link with my current membership level.

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I think this has been asked before, I am wanting to stop the html filter or cleaner in UNA from removing the iframe tag from my input into the Post editor. I seem to recall that there is file in UNA where I can allow html tags. I welcome all comments.

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  I wanted another means to communicate with my Moderators, where people can post hashtags to a post in comments such as hashtags for spam ,scam, troll, etc.  I decided that the Channels feature would be another means I could use to moderate the platform, and so, I created hashtags on my Admin profile to open channels for these subjects.  And I limited the access or view of the channels to Admin and Moderators.

  Anyway, I now have both the Report and Channels feature to help in moderating the site. Some might like to keep Channels as they are, while some might try this idea out.

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I was reading at the PHP website, where I remember that in installing UNA I had the option of using PHP 8 but chose PH 7.4 as recommended. Anyway, what I read at their site was this.

"As of PHP 8.1.0, write access to the entire $GLOBALS array is no longer supported."

I am curious to learn, whether anyone installed PHP 8.1.0 and had any problems? I did see some other things removed from PHP after version 8, besides this, and so, I am wondering if this is impacting UNA or not? Hopefully not.

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According to my ModSecurity Firewall on my server, I am getting attacks from the following two IP sources.

The targeted file of the attacks is:


Server side comment is:

"[id=332039] Atomicorp com WAF Rules: Suspicious Unusual User Agent (python-requests). Disable this rule if you use python-requests."

Has anyone seen this before? And what would be the use in targeting this file?

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Does anyone have a running beta test site for UNA 13 that people can join to see how it works from the end user perspective?

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Been busy. Checking in to see what's new here, what's up with UNA. I was on Facebook today saw an ad about this supposed new Trump social media site people have been posting about which is suppose to be online now for over a year? I mentioned it does not take forever to get a social media site up online, a few minutes uploading and setting up the database and then you can log into the Admin control panel. And within an hour have some of the customizing done. So I was wondering why Trump does not have a site set up now as claimed and mentioned that it does not take over a year. Someone told me I was nuts. I did not know what I was talking about. Anyways if he is suppose to set up something he is not working with the right people. If he is setting up something I suppose he got a team that said they would start from scratch to build a script. Anyways this makes no sense to me.

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I added some share buttons to the View Post page of my UNA site, and at first they were working properly posting the og image and the og title of the post to Facebook and Twitter.  Then later the post title stopped working on the share feature but the post image does post to Facebook and Twitter.  So what I see now is the header image of the post and some of the content text in the body of the post.  Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?

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