Comment to 'Contact creation in CRM software when new community member ist created or updated'
  • Close, but not exactly, LeonidS. What you explain is the techy solution. Mine is the illiterate version. 😁 The POST action in the attached html triggers a script at the end of the html, which will send the form data to the CRM software which will then process the data. So, for me as a non-techy it would be easier to trigger that script at the same time when the profile creation or editing form is posted. Does that make sense to you?

    • I'll specify my thought. UNA has the alert system which means the places with the code like

      bx_alert($this->getName(), 'profile_created', 0, 0, array('override_result' => &$mixed, 'remote_profile_info' => $aProfileInfo));

      Those callings are everywhere in UNA. So it means to add the processing of the necessary event you may just add the proper handler for it. The alerts handlers are introduced via MySQL commands like Dolphin connect has for example:

      INSERT INTO `sys_alerts_handlers` SET `name` = 'bx_dolcon', `class` = 'BxDolConAlerts', `file` = 'modules/boonex/dolphin_connect/classes/BxDolConAlerts.php';

      SET @iHandlerId := (SELECT `id` FROM `sys_alerts_handlers`  WHERE `name` = 'bx_dolcon');

      INSERT INTO `sys_alerts` (`unit`, `action`, `handler_id`) VALUES

      ('account', 'logout', @iHandlerId),

      ('profile', 'delete', @iHandlerId),

      ('profile', 'add', @iHandlerId);

      So when an event like profile add or delete happen then it would be processed with the handlers from modules/boonex/dolphin_connect/classes/BxDolConAlerts.php too. 

      So it is the most proper solution for UNA.

      But you may insert the RAW block with your given HTML / Javascript code and place it on the profile's creation page and bound the submit "AusfГјhren" button with UNA "Submit" there. On a quick look, the button in your example has the submit_form() function's call onclick. So it should be added to our button too. 

      Hope I could explain the possible ways and challenges :-)

      • Thanks buddy, you did. I will give a try to the HTML/js code version with RAW block and if I fail with that, I'll dig into the mystrious world of the alert system. 😉