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Hi folks,

as you certainly noticed, the UNAcms site is under attack by spammers since yesterday.

I'd like to ask you to please not react to those posts, because if you react, you trigger push notifications at your related friends and followers.

Don't give them any attention. I hope, UNA can defend the attack soon.

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Dear @LeonidS ,

there's an option for suspending inactive accounts after N days. Do those users get warned by a system email a few days prior to suspending them? I couldn't find such setting.

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Dear Devs Team,

testing enhancements and bug fixes in new Alpha3 version, what's that 'Edit Budget' button supposed to do? @Anton L image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1804&dpx=1&t=1708360067

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Version 14.0.0-A2

It seems that recommendations pages do not work properly. In the screenshot the user should see 6 items he follows. Actually, he follows 4 persons/orgs and 2 channels, but there's nothing displayed (empty). All Friends and Followers pages are also empty. Did I miss something, @LeonidS

Edit: It's called "connections page", not "recommendations page".image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1798&dpx=1&t=1707912845

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I updated to 14.0.0-A2 yesterday. On the first try of events I get this. My calender is fully booked for the next years with this event from last year.


The german language version gives an additional error in the info block. I'm having that same error in all info blocks since I updated to Alpha1 and reported that already to dear @LeonidS. Any ideas?


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We have very similare events that vary only in date and time and some changes in the event info block. Therefore, it would be very convenient if we could clone or duplicate an existing event and do only those minor changes needed for a new event.

Could that be implemented?

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I posted a video and chose a group in visibility settings. Then I reposted that content and chose Friends in the repost visibility settings. When I edit the reposted video, I see the original visibility setting, it is the group I chose in my original post. Although, it seems that the repost is visible for my Friends, as it should. Can you test that please, dear @LeonidS ?

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