Comment to 'Messenger 11.0.4'
Comment to Messenger 11.0.4
  • Hi, I am new to UNA and I was looking at the messenger app in the marketplace. I think it could be a solution for me but I have a question based on how I intend on using UNA.
    First of all, I have just installed UNA on my server to try and use it to manage a community of over 20 members. We offer repair services across a radius of a province.
    The idea is to have a system for our admin to post a job on the system, whoever is available and closest to the location can respond to the post and take the job.

    We are currently using a simple CMS website and integration of SLACK for the messaging as SLACK has Android and IOS apps.
    Is there a way we can have a type of push notification to go out to all members to ensure they all get the message? Also is there a way to have the admin have direct chat with a team member without disturbing the rest of the group members?