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Messenger 11.0.4

New update 11.0.4 for Messenger.
It contains ability to block members by membership level even if they are still participants or have access to the page with messenger's block. Corrections for files uploader and several other small improvements.

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    • Super - this is a very great update.  Well done and Thank you. 

      • Milestone! thank You Alexey !

        • Ok, thank you for that Alexey, this is another great step forward. Would it be possible to display a message "your level" Waiting for validation "does not allow you to send messages" instead of the sending area? So that the user is informed of the reason why it does not appear.

        • When I tested it popped up for a bit and I think vanishes.  I don't know if a popup blocker on a browser would prevent it?  But it definitely worked for me.  I tested it several different times. 

        • Hi,

          does this missing key "_create_lot_title_" shows only at our site or is it missing to you too? 

          What would be the correct words for that key?


          • Seems like you have lost this language key _bx_messenger_lots_menu_create_lot_title
            Check please in polyglot, this key should exist for your current language. Default english translation is - Create new talk

            • Hi Alexey! I have checked the key in Polyglot and it exist as you wrote but when I hover with a mouse over an square icon with a pencil it does not show as "Create new talk" but as a key as you can see in a picture I've sent before. The web site name when clicked on that icon changes from "Messenger" to "Create new talk"  It is new una installation without any changes.....

            • I have error. it did not work after upgrade. I p.m u

            • 💪

              • In my case it was just ultimately a misunderstanding about the condition that triggers the popup ;-)

                • We are experiencing duplicate notifications in messenger, the messages show correctly but we receive  2-4 emails and sometimes 10 push notifications. 

                  Is there a problem with the messaging system?

                • Hello Alexey, awesome work you have done on Messenger, it is a nicely polished product. 

                  My I please request a "Feature Add" for a future release?

                  Please will you include the ability to forward a message to a list of the profiles friends. (It might be nice to give the system admin the ability to set to forward limit. eg. WhatsApp has a limit of 5)


                • Hi,

                  I have suggestion as well.

                  While using messenger on mobile phone it would be great if there was an option to switch camera from front - which is now the only option, to back camera so that user can also capture other video not just video from front camera....

                  • Hi, I am new to UNA and I was looking at the messenger app in the marketplace. I think it could be a solution for me but I have a question based on how I intend on using UNA.
                    First of all, I have just installed UNA on my server to try and use it to manage a community of over 20 members. We offer repair services across a radius of a province.
                    The idea is to have a system for our admin to post a job on the system, whoever is available and closest to the location can respond to the post and take the job.

                    We are currently using a simple CMS website and integration of SLACK for the messaging as SLACK has Android and IOS apps.
                    Is there a way we can have a type of push notification to go out to all members to ensure they all get the message? Also is there a way to have the admin have direct chat with a team member without disturbing the rest of the group members?

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