Comment to 'Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...'
  • For una to ride this wave.  Andrew Boon and team MUST create a fully packaged batteries included platform complete with apps. UNA at this point has a lot. Of friction. Which is a big deterrent for most.  

    • UNA's greatest asset is at this point it's greatest challenge. What we offer is not SAAS - each UNA instance has it's own server instance, does not share DB asset and is wholly owned by by the site operator. We build the software, so you can build the solution.
      This privacy and independence is not necessarily important for all, but it is fundamentally important for some. It certainly makes the setup of an UNA site a little more challenging and time consuming, but the long term benefit of being the true owner of your own site, code and database is probably worth it.
      We can provide fully managed solutions with APPS, and are about to package an offer outlining this, but not going to be a cheap solution as the leg work with app development, submissions and updates is time consuming.
      In the medium term we anticipate releasing a host of preconfigured and perhaps managed solutions where we can include an established UNA solution (eg an LMS) APP development and support.