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Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...

As many digital innovators and entrepreneurs are congregating here, I thought you might appreciate this post. A overview of the predictions within the evolution of social media.

Personally, within the UNA-verse I’m predicting that e-learning and email will be front and centre - driven by the continued development of our LMS & Mass Mailer solutions.

The prediction for the segregation of social media from the juggernaut social platforms into more nuanced and geographically defined networks Is also interesting - also in keeping with the aspirations of many developers in this community. 

I‘d love to hear your predictions? What do you reckon the future looks like in 2020? 

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    • Very well put Mark P personally i'm making a vaping social platform where i bring big brands that sell e-cigarettes/manufacture them and people that use them together. planet of the vapes is a forum site and i found myself going from one site to another trying to find info on a product or other info about e-cigarettes. from youtube to facebook groups to forum sites like planet of the vapes so on its a headache so i'm making it a one stop shop for everything vape.

      Vaping is much more than nick replacement therapy it has spawned a community like structure. and i like it as i'm a vaper my self i find my self standing in vape shops talking with the staff for a few hours. same with other people that vape before long the shop is mobbed with people talking.

      that's what i'm building

      anyways peace out


      • It's hard to predict, the world is unstable. But I still see a growing allergy against the monopoly and the power of mega-structures in different areas. Here in Europe, we see this strikingly in the field of information, people are increasingly leaving the Mainstream media in favor of smaller structures and above all independent of big finance and advertising agencies which more and more disconnect people from reality. There is clearly an awareness and a desire to return to the "smallest", the "homemade", the local, the real or ultimately passions are reborn. We see the same thing in politics, the same thing in terms of consumption, food and climate, I think everything is linked.
        So I think we should take advantage of this dynamism one day or the other, because it looks like the alternative has the wind in the back.

        • The future is hard to predict, but we are destined to try anyway. As the world gets bigger, it seems we are more drawn to be close to that which is familiar. I would hope for a balance, an awareness and acceptance of the macro dynamics, but a willingness to exist in our day to day micro communities.

        • I think a more MySpace pattern will re-emerge where people nowadays want more control over their content, brand, how they interact with their peers. Personalization like in the past. While social networks create more and more rules and regulations and government intrusion, I believe people will drift twords social networks that give them space to breath without fear of being tracked along with their data. This includes users being able to use personas and use their own online names with a little more anonymity. Technology is advancing in the way we interact with each other.

          • I agree with Will Roberts as far as Myspace, because ultimately people want to be part of a world where they can walk outside and talk to people. Our online presence is our personality and it shows people who we are; many of us want to be noticed. We don't want others to know what we do in our private lives and we don't want to be taken advantage of. For this reason, I think that social networks with full encryption will become the wave of the future.

          • I really hope people do wake up and realize what is going on. Over here in NJ/NY users, not all but the majority all they care about is what's fast and silly emoji & Gif files, don't get me wrong it's fun sometimes but god damn. They love speed via mobile and they don't care that their data is or has been compromised. Oh and let me not forget about likes! They love tons of fake likes, unbelievable. 

            • I second the sentiment of the previous posters on this topic.  I do have a concern with the trend by UNA for the LMS and MassMailer focus.  I wonder if this is driven by corporate customers asking for these two features.

              On the other hand, there are a LOT of improvements to be made to UNA to make it very competitive with the big SNs. Speed, Ease of Use, UEX, Instant messenger, photo handling, images in posts, previous and next on all content related apps, groups features (files, albums, discussions, events etc.. like dolphin) I could go on but it the new year..

              Anyhow, best of luck with the LMS and MassMailer but don't forget the other suggestions that I have made and see many others make over past months.

              • Actually Gary Sicard - most of the components for an LMS within UNA already exist, not all have been released yet and they haven't been packaged as a solution. UNA Mass Mailer also exists, it does requires some simple improvements to truly leverage it's potential as a tool for automated customer communications.
                So far as development of UNA goes, our emphasis this year is certainly upon improving what we have, rather than building shiny new things. Most of the points that you have touched upon will be addressed within the coming UNA 11 update.

                • Learning/Content is more of a strategic direction, rather than functional determination. This year we are definitely working on evolutionary updates - speed, UX fixes, better messaging experience, new media uploaders and viewers, etc. In fact, you’ll see a lot of improvements in v11 very soon.

                • For una to ride this wave.  Andrew Boon and team MUST create a fully packaged batteries included platform complete with apps. UNA at this point has a lot. Of friction. Which is a big deterrent for most.  

                  • UNA's greatest asset is at this point it's greatest challenge. What we offer is not SAAS - each UNA instance has it's own server instance, does not share DB asset and is wholly owned by by the site operator. We build the software, so you can build the solution.
                    This privacy and independence is not necessarily important for all, but it is fundamentally important for some. It certainly makes the setup of an UNA site a little more challenging and time consuming, but the long term benefit of being the true owner of your own site, code and database is probably worth it.
                    We can provide fully managed solutions with APPS, and are about to package an offer outlining this, but not going to be a cheap solution as the leg work with app development, submissions and updates is time consuming.
                    In the medium term we anticipate releasing a host of preconfigured and perhaps managed solutions where we can include an established UNA solution (eg an LMS) APP development and support.

                  • I believe 2020 will bring a strong resurgence of DIY online identities. In early 2000s we had geeks building own sites, own blogs, you name it... Then, social networking led prominence of silos like Facebook, and in effect killed the DIY website-creation culture. T-day we have fast mobile connection, most young people comfortable dealing with fairly complex web platforms (social media tools like pages, groups, events, etc), while at the same time large networks lost popular support - there‘s simply no trust, and no wonder. So, with any luck we should have more people realising that whatever they do online can be done through building and developing “their own“ space. 

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