Comment to 'How to use Conditional Statements in UNA based on Badge IDs on the ACL view page?'
  • @Alex T⚜️ Did you see my reply above. Please could you help? We are stuck

    •  Did you see my reply above. Please could you help? We are stuck

      Badges aren't supposed to be used for permissions system, so there is no way to do it without custom modifications. However when you assign a badge you can assign some membership level as well, then you will be use some of the suggested methods

      • Thanks @Alex T⚜️ for the reply. The problem is: what membership level should I assign the NGO to in order for them to see the hidden NGO membership level block while all membership levels are visible on the /acl-view page?

        First stept: Per your suggestion I have hidden the NGO membership level (50% OFF) from the /acl-view page using CSS.

        Second step: How to make it visible to NGO Organizations only? When they registered, they receive the Standard membership.

        Again, per your suggestion, if I created a block with the 'Suscribe' button to NGO membership level and set the visibility to Standard membership only in order to NGO Organization Profils to see it (because NGO start as Standard members after creating their profile), then all Standard members on the plateform will see that NGO membership level with the special pricing (50% OFF).

        If I assign that NGO membership level to NGOs manually, then it won't make any sense because I would like them to pay for it. For them to pay for it they have to see it.

        It's stuck there! Please help! Thanks