An UNA advertising app with location targeting

Hello Everyone
I am in need of an UNA advertising module to get my site ready for the next level of sustainable business. I firmly believe a post and search by distance advertising app is needed in the market and would provide great benefit for both UNA and their clients with being able to efficiently boost sustainable business when subscription numbers reach advertising levels. Location targeting advertising would take us all to the next level.
I have the banners module from the market, but at this moment it is not capable for the user to have an option to post or search by distance whether it be postal codes, 5 kilometres, 300 kilometres, state, nationally or internationally.

The app would function like Facebook ads with specific targeting to boost business success for all of us using UNA. Here is a short youtube video of how it would function:
If anyone has any ideas or services to get closer to this reality... it would be great to hear from you.
I appreciate your time and thank you

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