any idea for different type profile with different fields?

any idea for different type profile with different fields?

like students and teachers.

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    • Have you thought about creating different membership levels?

      • yes, but membership lever can not be reflected in different people background information. for example. teachers should have some experience fields or certification fields. but students should have some necessary fields.   

        • Michael no its a simple fix you can set permission levels for dif profile Questions i did it with security pin question for organization profiles i set it up that its only editable when the profile is created and made the permissions on the view section that only admins can see it to ask the security pin before helping out an organization i did it as a safety precaution

          1. go to studio >> then go to forms >> then click on Fields >> then click the drop down menu and go to Orgs or Persons section >>then go to the other drop down menu next to the other add you fields as you want and disable others that you don't set permissions of who can edit or view certain profile questions and how they can be edited its ideal to keep mandatory ones for the creation of the account and misc questions on the edit page.

          2. i will tell you what pages you want by name  1. Add person 2. edit person 3. full view person and finally 4. view person 

          play about with these settings this is what you require and if you want student/teacher profiles just rename everything org related and everything student related hope this helps

          best regards


          • You can also get una team to clone the persons module for you so you can have different profile cards for each person type 

            • indeed what a great idea but it would prob take a lot of work as the files within forms will need to have the added titles to reflect the change  with having 3 profile types the way i explained it should do what he is wanting and of coarse you had the same answer so we did our part its up to ppl if they want to use the information.

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