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Hi Guys;;

When changing the colours of the css class for my sidebar menu, I noticed it change the colours of my profile menus too. So, it means that it uses the same css classes in the code. Please advise where I can change the code just to make use a new class that reference the sidebar menu.

Thanks in advance.



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    • Hello @Chris Andre Buys !

      Could you plz specify how you change the colors for those menus? If you're making it via the Custom Styles area then you may specify the class of the parent area to limit your changes only there. Like:

      .bx-profile-stats-cnt li.bx-menu-item {

      //new settings


      • MMmmm I was hoping it's that simple. Thank you so much, LeonidS.

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          LeonidS, I've tried but failed. How I analysed this using google developer tools to determine what CSS Class was used. Example from the screen dump to your right, The CSS Class is .bx-artificer .col-blue3-dark { }.

          The problem that I encountered was, though it works. It changes the color of not only the Sidebar Menu's icon, but also the profile menu's icons on the far left side.

          It turned out they are using the same CSS Class.

          • I got it right. What I did was, created a new CSS Class and added same subclasses as defined in the current settings.

            I then used the new CSS Class in my menu block right at the bottom.

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