ALERT: Be careful with TMDHosting, they will destroy your website and won't take the blame. They destroyed my website that I had for 15yrs! They S*ck!

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    • Hello Will!

      It's very sad to hear that. Could you please share the details about the incident?

      • Wow, what happened?

        • this is's been a while but we also lost a lot of work with one hosting here at our place, it was a terrible experience.. fingers crossed that it hope it goes well

          • Thank u all. They don't know what they are doing. They were charging me for hosting several months and all of a sudden my website was blank. I opened up a ticket. They said that my site was pointing to a different server. I took screenshot of my site pointing to their server and they still deny that they screwed up, yet I was paying them months 4 hosting and they don't want to take the blame.

            • Does TDM hosting not make backups for these cases?..Lost your database or data?

              I have decided and will buy my own server, my VPS supplier is really OK and they do a lot for free, but it is now slow for UNA and the price for 10GB of disk space is crazy.. although I have to sell my car, but I firmly believe that one day my children use it my site like as a start to life

              • I agree. I have argued with them about that. That's another thing they forgot to set that up for me.

                • Forgot to set? What? Such an outrage😱

                  I firmly believe that such hostings will not last long and will disappear..

                    • So far im ok with tmd. You get what you pay for plus they are fast to help when asked...dont want to jinx it now. But i would recommend them.

                      • I had a good VPS. Their records are all screwed up. I never complained about any hosting. They suck.

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