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UNA 13.1 hosted by UNA

Can anybody confirm these 2 corrupted (?) links in invitation module? Both are not linking...

Page Manage invites

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1921&dpx=2&t=1712238443Page Manage requests


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UNA 13.1. - hosted by UNA

I wonder if anybody can confirm this strange permission and groups issue:

If permission of unauthenticated member is set to VIEW GROUPS DISABLED then it works well for public groups. The same permission set for closed groups, some content of the closed group is partly visible for the unauthenticated Member. Like Tabs info, members and other tabs as well

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UNA 13.1 - cloud hosted be UNA

Is there a possibility to have ppinned/sticky groups and spaces? For example: I have a support-group and would like to show it always on top of all groups, eighter featured or not.

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UNA 31.1. - hosted by UNA/cloud

I wonder why a closed group cannot be marked as FEATURED by admin.

Why a group has to be open to be marked as featured?

If an open group is marked as featured and then set to closed it keeps the featured status BUT has to be 'openend' again to remove the featured status....

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UNA 13.1.0 - hosted by UNA / cloud

I wonder if somone can confirm this funny brief card happening.

  • Post an AD and limit the characters both to 200
  • Set Timline briefcard DISABLED
  • looks as it should


  • now ENABLE briefcards in timline/settings
  • here the result
  • t4xnqxmgfkfhmjrajlufdkjva7qkqael.png
  • Is this a known issue? Somebody who can reproduce it?
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UNA 13.1 - Cloud hosted by UNA

Missing Key in GROUP module, found it in studio/navigation/groups/snippet_meta:info --> _sys_menu_item_title_system_sm_ignore

Has anybody a translation? By now I translated this key with REMOVE (?) as remove is taken as title by default. The system name is empty by default.

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UNA 13.1. - hosted by UNA

There is a missing key in Events module. Could anyone provide me the right TEXT for this key please? So I can add it in Poly?



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Are there any plans to X the share menues/buttons/urls ++ instead of twitter?

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Una 13.1.0 -, by UNA hosted cloud, all modules up to date

I wonder why the badges for Events are not shown on the Event page. The badges are only shown on the event cards.

Can anybody confirm? (please see the attached images)

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