How to safely move Jot Server from one domain name to another?

Hi @Alexey

I have the Jot Server installed and running fine on one domain name. I would like to move it to another domain on the same server. How to safely do that?

Should I just copy/download the Jot Server folder from that domain name and paste it/upload it to the new domain using ftp?

Or maybe, should I just install a fresh Jot Server on the new domain, then delete the Jot server folder from the old domain?

Please advise.


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    • Hello @OneEagle,

      Jot Server does not store any data on the server itself. It only contains configuration settings in the config/config.json file. If these settings are important to you, you can simply move the config file.

      In order to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential conflicts with different software installations or settings on a new server, it is recommended to perform a fresh installation. 

      • Thanks for the reply and tip. By the way, I am not moving it to a new server. I am moving it to another domain name (cPanel account) but on the same dedicated server. Node.Js and forever are all installed with all the server dependencies. Jot server is running just fine on the current domain. Should I have to re-install Node.Js and forever again? if I just upload the Jot server folder (with the config file) to the new domain, then start the app.js of the new Jot server using forever and watch on the all changes in certificate folder, will it be just fine? Thanks

        • Hello!

          Don't need to reinstall node js and forever. But it would be good to run npm install in the root of the moved Jot Server folder to update dependencies for Jetserver.

          • Awesome. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot Alexey.

            What about the dependencies of the old Jotserver folder on the old domain? How to uninstall them? Will the following command line work on the old Jotsever folder?

            rpm uninstall

            or maybe deleting the Jotserver folder on the old domain is just enough and no need to uninstall its dependencies, right?

            • Hello!

              You should stop old Jot Server instance first and then remove Jot Server folder.

              How to find the all run instances: 

              If you've used forever then you should be able to stop it using command below in the root of the Jot Server folder. 

              forever stop app.js

              also to find the all instances you can use:

              ps ax | grep app.js


              ps ax | grep node

              It allows to find the all run app.js and then run kill command for the instance from the old folder.


              kill -9 pid 

              • Brilliant @Alexey. It works. I have successfully managed to stopped/killed all the Jot Server processes of the old Jot Server on the old domain. and installed the new Jot Server on the new domain. Thank you so much for your guidance,

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