Messenger Public Chat?

I have been out of touch for a while and not really doing much with my site until recently. I requested a while back of having the Messenger be able to have a "Public" chat where anyone could join in to the discussion. I know that you can create a custom page and put a messenger block there or use Shoutbox, but.. was hoping that a Public Chat would be available by now. And no, I do not want to use Rocket Chat. Alexey ?

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    • Hello Chris,

      You can add public chat to any page as you mentioned in current version. Well, just need to place block to the page and user will be join to the talk when post at least one message. 

      Do you mean button which allows to join without messages posting?  

      • Well kinda. I was hoping for a Chat room that showed everyone who was currently in that chat so others would know. It would be great to has some sort of way to provide a counter that can be displayed say - on the homepage or where ever saying "20 people are in Chat" or something like that.. But the current way is fine I guess.

        • Yes. I miss that feature. Had it in many sites in the past. Was a huge hit with people. Even on phpnuke and e107 I was able to use 123flashchat.

          • Hello!

            We plan to add tab with info about the chat, it will contain participants list and some other info and abilities.

            • Has this feature been finished yet?

              • Hello! 

                Unfortunately, It is not finished yet and will not be included to the nearest update, but should be added to the next update. 

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