Multiple sites having issues now

So I have 2 sites now running UNA and both sites, since the last updates are experiencing issues.
(I've done everything to make sure that it's not on my end including cleaning cache on the server and computer and updating all the apps in the app market.)
Site One: fiveforchange . org

  • Some of the site is running fine and then other parts are loading Super, Super slow.
    • I've done all the upgrades/delete cache (on server and personal computer)
    • The main problem page seems to be Groups. Either going to or coming from takes forever to do.
  • Albums also takes forever to load the pictures.
  • Anything with a group of pictures takes a very very long time to load.

Site Two: contributors . local360places . com

  • The whole site is now blank after the auto update.
    • I can't get into any of it now, not even studio or the login page.

Apparently auto update is on this one and every time it auto updates I have issues...
So, I'm need help getting these back up and running as both are being promoted more now and I need people to be able to use them!

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    • Hi Five For A Change - I will refer this but can you also please email

      • What exactly do you want me to email? This same exact thing?

        • I'm so glad that you guys can @ someone but we still can't because it won't let us "add a link"...even though we've helped develop this software with our feedback over the years...

          • Images are resized on the fly when you access the page, however when they are already resized then resized copy is used. Some issues may happen when several big images are uploaded and someone try to open the page with this uploaded images for the first time then it can be longer or page can contain some broken images if server's resources or software limitation prevent image resizing.

            Also are you using retina monitor (in this case images are 2x lager) ? or standard resolution ?

            • Hello Five For a Change!

              The main your site looks fine from my side (as for guest, I requested the details via the Messenger), but the second doesn't open like smth wrong with the domain. Please review it.

              • The only thing different than all the rest of the times, is that I had to switch severs because the one I was using was bought by UNA or whatever...aka Zarconia.
                I wish I would of known you guys were buying it because then I wouldn't of had to go through the whole mess of transferring everything...and now dealing with these issues.
                Which part would I have to change on the server to allow for the resizing?

                • Which site are you talking about? The Five For A Change site is fine until you get to the Albums and Groups section of it.
                  My Contributors for Local 360 Places site is completely blank and I can't even get in to fix anything. So how am I supposed to fix that problem?

                  It all worked perfectly fine before the automatic I don't know why it there would be something wrong with the domain...

                  • What PHP script should be running for it to work with your software...?

                    • Which part would I have to change on the server to allow for the resizing?

                      It's better to check server logs before changing anything, it's better to ask hosting support about this. 

                      • I am basically hosting support...the servers I have are run by me...the people I rent the servers from really don't help much. I used to use Zarconia which had awesome support but the servers I use now are basically just servers. They just offer the service and not much support unless it's hardware related.

                        I just need to know what settings I need in order to make UNA run on my servers.

                        • for the minimal cloud4 server we use 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80 GB SSD and it works very well including and jot servers

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