Protean Issue. Paragraph formatting gets lost on module index pages

Paragraphs are run together. Will this be corrected in the new edition? The image here is from the Files module but the problem shows up in other modules as well.

It - the problem - could have originated where I added a custom description field. Still, it does not look right. Hopefully it's already fixed. Just checking.

Thank you.

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    • I encountered this myself. I used the br break code between paragraphs. In the Pages section of the Studio, naturally in an HTML block. I found using the html direct input window, worked better than the text editor beneath it. The text editor seems to want to add even more space between paragraphs. Also, since you mentioned Protean, I will try switching back to the default template to see if it is a template fault.

      • Hiya Dannie. Glad you found a workaround. I need something other than a manual workaround as these entries are created on the fly. And a single index (home) page for photos or files or articles will contain too many entries for manual edits.

        This is one of the few areas where UNA does not appear quite ready for prime time. A fix should not be that complicated. Somewhere in the passing of the text data, the 'br' code you mentioned get's lost, resulting in a big glob of hard to read text.

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