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In the Accounts App on our sites the "More Actions" gear-shaped button (on the far right) does not work anymore. The UNA circle just goes round and round when the gear icon is clicked. Has anyone else had this issue?

Some of the Account management tasks can be taken care of with the buttons on the bottom of the page, once a user account is selected. But not all.

Thankfully, there are no sql errors and no blank screens.

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My home page splash image(s) seem to lose some of their sharpness. Should I have saved them at 72 or 96 resolution? Or is 150 better for the bigger more modern hi-res screens?

Can you think of anything else? I know there is a lot of magic going on behind the scenes as UNA converts images for different purposes.

Perhaps I have uploaded them too small to begin with and they are being stretched. What is the default, optimum width?

Thank you.

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Articles is a fine mod. And the creator keeps it updated without any delay. I highly recommend it to others.

I'm stumped today because I am unable to post a long article in its entirety. The last few paragraphs gets cut off, you see.

Can someone lead me to the setting where I can increase the text field size. Thank you

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Hi all. I thought I was self hosting but it appears that pdf files are sent to and stored on Google Docs. Can this be changed to local hosting?

The error message from Google Docs is: You may be offline or with limited connectivity. Try downloading instead.

The pdf file is 32 megs in size. Thank you!

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When a user simply posts a youTube url, embedly automatically converts the url to a live youTube thumbnail. So, I am not referring to the url embed in the menu of embedly. Those work fine.

For some reason, on the Timeline, the url is not converted BUT once you go to the actual post, it IS converted to the youTube live thumbnail.

In Edit mode, the Delete button has no effect. Click it and nothing happens. The result of the failed Edit is a duplicate thumbnail of the youTube link.

Thank you!

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Where did the allow anonymous reply setting go? It would be nice if it allowed anonymous posting as well as replying, btw.

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In the most recent updates, the "see more" size has changed in the discussions app. Please tell me how it can be increased, as users do not want to click again just to access a few more lines in a short post.

"Number of characters in auto-cropped discussion summary" & "Number of characters in plain discussion description when discussion hasn't thumb" have no effect. Caches were cleared, for app and browser.

Where is this size setting? Is it a site-wide setting now? Thank you.

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Why are there no more comment likes on this forum? Has something changed? I think they are a good idea, myself.

Interestingly, when I graduated to 13.0, I lost them. But with outside help they were recovered.

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Hello, all you dear Unitarians. Can anyone tell me how to find the UNA version in the back-up files of one's site? Years ago, I remember in Dolphin how we would manually change it after each update. :)

I have supposedly modified some files and therefore cannot update to the next version, you see. So I need to find what version my back-ups are. Yes, I am aware that a global forced overwrite is possible but I would prefer not to employ that method.

Thank YOU.

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