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Unable to create new account from Studio. The password has far more than 4 characters. Count the little balls in the password field.

I attempted this process on two fully updated UNA sites. Both failed.

So.... Why would an administrator want to manually add a member? Because many confirmation emails get unknowingly sent to a spam mailbox. And ALSO in other cases, the UNA anti-spam mechanism tells the would be sign up that it has "detected spam".


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"See more..." is a good idea, especially on long posts or long pages. But... no one want to click "see more" just to read one or two more words in a post.

Could one of the clever UNA programmers change this so that if there are only a few more words in a post - they will be displayed without an extra click or tap.

Yes, I know the line has to be drawn somewhere. It's just a suggestion.

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Hi Friends.

Specifically, what drives those who never post or advertise or contact others on a UNA platform? Are they setting themselves up for a DOS attack later? Why do they go to all the trouble to sign up with many multiple accounts?

One sign that you are dealing with fake people are addresses like these below, from free mail services.

Be careful and check your Accounts page regularly for irregularities.

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Does anybody really need to post NEW TOPICS on this site over and over again in a single day? I think not.

UNA could use a new setting which limits a new user's ability to begin (create) new posts within a specified time period. Especially in the Discussions area. Or even site-wide, too.

If a new user, with spamming on their mind, could only post (not reply) once in a day, they would not return again because the admins would have had time to delete their accounts.

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I'm stuck. I copied the old folders from my Storage directory into a bucket on AWS. I made these files public.

It seems that UNA is still installing new files into the old UNA Storage folder. So, I changed the name of the old, original UNA storage folder to storagex but UNA created a new storage file in the original location.

Here's an interesting tidbit: "When you create a bucket, you choose its name and the AWS Region to create it in. After you create a bucket, you can't change its name or Region."

So, we must think ahead from the beginning when looking into AWS.

Any ideas about my misconfigured AWS?

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Hello out there all you UNAtarians across this big blue-green planet. Anyone on AWS for your UNA storage needs? Care to give feedback? Regarding speed, reliability, and cost.

Let's say you are moving your UNA storage items (photos, video, pdf files) TO Amazon Web Services. Is it possible to edit the original photo or video pages one by one and retain the comments and original (indexed) URL. Or do you have to start over from scratch by deleting all your files and re-uploading them on AWS, on a new page with a new url?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

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In the Accounts App on our sites the "More Actions" gear-shaped button (on the far right) does not work anymore. The UNA circle just goes round and round when the gear icon is clicked. Has anyone else had this issue?

Some of the Account management tasks can be taken care of with the buttons on the bottom of the page, once a user account is selected. But not all.

Thankfully, there are no sql errors and no blank screens.

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My home page splash image(s) seem to lose some of their sharpness. Should I have saved them at 72 or 96 resolution? Or is 150 better for the bigger more modern hi-res screens?

Can you think of anything else? I know there is a lot of magic going on behind the scenes as UNA converts images for different purposes.

Perhaps I have uploaded them too small to begin with and they are being stretched. What is the default, optimum width?

Thank you.

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Articles is a fine mod. And the creator keeps it updated without any delay. I highly recommend it to others.

I'm stumped today because I am unable to post a long article in its entirety. The last few paragraphs gets cut off, you see.

Can someone lead me to the setting where I can increase the text field size. Thank you

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