Una.io native app

Una API's usability is unclear to us. Most people are completely against webview. If there are real requests and money is not a concern, the price will be in the 50k to 100k range. We will either check the available api or do it as a standalone app using our own api.

Message Us if Interested. 


Respect post. ty

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    • UNA has a range of changes in the API and the new settings in the API App for that very reason - native apps. You are right - the cost of development for a medium-complexity app with UNA backend would be in 50-100K range. Right now we are building them for 3 clients and will announce a preview soon.

      • Correct @Andrey Yasko Its a complex work and some clients want to have their app natively done for speed and to articulate design.

        Looking forward for your app preview 🙂

        *Outside UNA we've made app from scratch using react native both ios and android - About to launch.

        *But we can also build native una if the client wants it they already know the rate range thru this post.

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