Update 12.1.0 - 13 Solved

Unfortunately I still can't update .. After the update to version 13.0.0-B4, my website is broken and I can't do anything... I had to restore several times from the backup and still the same problem, see video

Any idea why it breaks like this after the update..unfortunately, there is no indication in the Log of what went wrong

12.1.0 -- 13.0.0-A1 updating all modules-OK

13.0.0-A1 -- 13.0.0-A2  I can't see any updates for the modules

13.0.0-A2 -- 13.0.0-A3  updating all modules-OK

13.0.0-A3 -- 13.0.0-B1  updating all modules-OK

13.0.0-B1 -- 13.0.0-B2  updating all modules-OK

13.0.0-B2 -- 13.0.0-B3  updating all modules-OK

13.0.0-B3 -- 13.0.0-B4  Database query error: 

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    • I have the same problem. I postponed the update until the stable version is released.

      • What I found, I should have when updating from 12.1.0 to 13.0.0-B2 I have to use the PHP version 5.6 and from version 13.0.0-B2 have to use the PHP version 7.4 ??? 

        UNA requires PHP 7.4. Please note the following version requirements for older UNA releases: PHP 5.6 is required for versions before 13.0.0-B2, PHP 5.5.10 for versions before 10.0.0-B1, and PHP 5.5.0 for versions before 9.0.0-RC7. Ensure your server environment is running the appropriate PHP version.

        According to this, it should be like that, in the evening I will try to see if I can move somewhere.

        But unfortunately I don't know if it's a mistake because I can't upgrade... I'll just try my best.

        • My upgrade process:

          I setup upgrade channel BETA

          Uninstall modules that I currently do not use, including the Czech Language module that I created and set the default language English

          Site settings-Enable auto-update and Force auto-update, even if some files were modified

          Clear all caches then i start Update according to Alex T instructions.

          I always waited for confirmation to come to my email after the automatic module update,then I checked again whether there were any other updates and installed them if necessary.

          The last email confirmation is: 

          Last update from 13.0.0-B3 to 13.0.0-B4

          Albums module: up to 13.0.3 version. Conversations module: up to 13.0.3 version. Decorous module: up to 13.0.6 version. Developer module: up to 13.0.3 version. Discussions module: up to 13.0.6 version. English module: up to 13.0.5 version. Files module: up to 13.0.5 version. Groups module: up to 13.0.4 version. Invitations module: up to 13.0.3 version. Lucid module: up to 13.0.6 version. Nexus module: up to 13.0.3 version. Notifications module: up to 13.0.4 version. Paid Levels module: up to 13.0.1 version. Persons module: up to 13.0.5 version. Protean module: up to 13.0.5 version. SMTP Mailer module: up to 13.0.1 version. Timeline module: up to 13.0.5 version.

          Unfortunately after this upgrade the site is again broken.Database query error!

          I overlooked something somewhere or set it wrong, so hopefully this will help to solve it.

          I haven't been able to get any further yet.

          The upgrade and upgrade modules logs are attached. 

          • I conducted an experiment, installed UNA 9 and consistently updated the website to UNA 12 without any problems. However, updating from UNA 12 to UNA 13 is not possible.

            • I think the fault is on my side, the guys from Una Team did a great job..my fault for example:

              utf8mb4_unicode_ci ----- utf8mb4_general_ci

              • So, what needs to be changed to utf8mb4_general_ci?

                • utf8mb4_general_ci is wrong ... use only utf8mb4_unicode_ci for all

                  • where did you get stuck last time, what update?in the log you must have information about what is wrong and just set the UNA  and server accordingly

                      • When trying to update from UNA 12 to UNA 13, a message appears saying that the site is under maintenance.

                        • I assume that the functionality of Cron has been verified

                          When updating 12.1.0 -- 13.0.0-A1 you still have maintenance mode?or only with higher versions of the update, you can put logs here?

                          • 2023-06-05

                            12.1.0-13.0.0.A1 upgrade will be applied

                            Files permissions are ok and can be overwritten

                            Files copying successfully completed

                            Deprecated files were successfully deleted or there is no files to delete

                            System files hash was successfully updated

                            System SQL script was successfully executed

                            The following languages will be affected for system:

                             - No languages will be affected

                            System after update custom script was successfully executed

                            • upgrade modules.log --- db.err.log --- and error.log from your server if you have it.. if not ask your provider for help

                              • I forgot to write that I left everything on automatic updates... site settings-enable auto update and force auto enable...After every automatic update, I manually checked apps updates everywhere and if there was something there, I installed it manually

                                Always wait for a confirmation email to update the website and the module

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