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Something has gone wrong with Google lately. As they say, don't touch what works 😁

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Hello, are there instructions and descriptions on how to configure the Agents module?

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I decided to see how UNACMS will look on the small screen of iPhone SE 1 version. Everything is fine in principle, but something needs to be done with the search. Maybe make it so that when you press the search button, it stretches the entire length of the panel, hiding all the buttons?

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Each user has their own feed and all such pages link to one canonical blank page.

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When deleting a user account with all content, in theory all pages should be deleted. But only the user’s page is deleted, and pages such as: timeline-view/socialagent, /posts-author/socialagent, for some reason are not deleted; more precisely, they still respond with code 200, although they should have 404. I deleted a lot of old ones accounts, but these pages remained and now they are all the same, the only difference is in the URLs. Is there a way to remove them? These pages are simply very bad for SEO, in fact they are considered “junk” pages.

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This problem is also relevant if you do not activate “Enable SEO links”.

I understand that “em.php” pages can be blocked from indexing. But I can't understand why there are so many of them? The site publishes a maximum of 8-10 videos inserted from YouTube using “embedly”, but the number of “/em.php” pages is much larger and is constantly increasing.


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Hello, is it possible to prevent comments from deleted users from being hidden?

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If you create many profiles, the menu on the right will not be available on some screen resolutions.


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