Where are all the Blocks and how to add php?

Dolphin 7.4.2 

Hi, i just tried to create a new page and found out, that there are only 3 blocks avialable: RSS, HTML, TEXT
Where are the other block? I really like to create some custom pages.
And how do i add php into that new page? I need to calculate some MD5 hash there.
HTML BLock Source Code don´t work with php.
Any idea?

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    • Is this what you mean, please see photo

      • Yeah, sure - but I mean - when I create a new page - there are only 3 blocks: RSS, HTML, Text
        And all the others are missing
        For Example - i like to create a new page with games in - then add blocks to the page like "users online" or something else.

        • Hello Martin-sso !

          In the attachment, you may see the default set of the blocks for the newly created page. If you have another situation - please specify with owne screenshot.

          • Thank you very much, Leonid, but i am working with Dolphin 7.4.2 because of some Modules that are not ready in UNA up to today. And in Dolphin there are only 3 modules in a new page.
            Any idea how to change that?

            • Ah, sorry, missed this part about Dolphin. And yes, via admin panel you may add only mentioned types. If you want to add the block with PHP code you need to perform it via MySQL commands. For example, the following code insert the Profile photo block:

              INSERT INTO `sys_page_compose` (`Page`, `PageWidth`, `Desc`, `Caption`, `Column`, `Order`, `Func`, `Content`, `DesignBox`, `ColWidth`, `Visible`, `MinWidth`) VALUES

              ('profile', '1140px', 'Profile Photo Block', '_[db_prefix]_photo_block', 0, 0, 'PHP', 'return BxDolService::call(''photos'', ''profile_photo_block'', array(array(''PID'' => $this->oProfileGen->_iProfileID)), ''Search'');', 1, 28.1, 'non,memb', 263);

              Where field 'Funct' has the value 'PHP' and field 'Content' - the PHP code

              • wow - Okay!
                Thank you again for the answer. I thought Dolphin is more like a CMS system, where i can adminstrate the website fully from the backend. If i have to do thios all the time i have to create a page, then it´s really frustrating.
                Is there a way to just copy and rename the "Homepage" Page with all modules and then make this the standard "New Page" ?  - i think this must be possible and easier for management later

                • Those time we were thinking that the possibility to insert the PHP code which may corrupt everything should be available only for the developers who may create a simple MySQL query too :-) But later appeared some mods which are making this process more easy.

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