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How to update the look and feel of your UNA Community website, using the built in Font Awesome Pro integration. Easily bring a clean and fresh new look to your site with over 6,000 Icons to choose from. This integration is available to purchase via the UNA Market and is included in any UNA Pro or Cloud subscription.

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Learn how to configure the content-discovery section like the "Explore" page, which comes with the Lucid template app for UNA. This tutorial demonstrates editing Pages Layout and mixing content blocks to configure your pages to your exact requirements.

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Learn how to edit the content pages like "Terms of Service" and "Privacy" using the Pages app in UNA Studio.

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To comply with GDP Requirements we need to notify users when we are using Cookies on our websites. This tutorial gives instruction on how to set up these pop-up notifications and consent forms  in an UNA powered site. We use the service at https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ 

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Hi Everyone,

Just playing around with UNA, looking at potentially deploying a new site. I have put a couple of blocks on a home page which list new people , online people and recent images. I am finding the images a little large and wanting to reduce them so I can fit more on the screen. How would I go about doing this as I can't see / find any options.

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How to add event to a space? ... If you click on the + sign, the event gets added to the logged in profile. On space's page while posting the three options are discussion, post and update. I want to create events in different spaces that should be available to members of those spaces. Kindly Help.

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During the installation I got that error same for Russian language:

English - Update languages: An error occurred. Contact with module's vendor

Any help will be highly appreciated, Thanks

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Reposted Full Circle's post.

I'm seeking white label saas affiliate opportunities to expose and sell into my local markets. If you can assist or fulfill, tap in!!!

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Hello! Looking for a programmer who can recycle a project created at UNA. Or need advice on how to find one. Thanks!

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