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How to Configure "Explore" Page in Lucid Template

Learn how to configure the content-discovery section like the "Explore" page, which comes with the Lucid template app for UNA. This tutorial demonstrates editing Pages Layout and mixing content blocks to configure your pages to your exact requirements.

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Comments (2)
    • Thanks Mark ! I found this video very helpful especially I am new UNA coming from the Dolphin world..  
      >> I have 2 questions:
      1> I'd like to add the { Join } Block (see attached) to my { explore } page, but once I login, the { Join } Block should not appear anymore since I am already logged in.
      2> Once I setup my ( explore } page, how do I direct my site to { explore } page to come up first once my users access my site domainDOTcom ?
      Thank you !

      • wau .. thats exactly what i was looking for .. i am new UNA user ,thats helped a lot .. thank you :)

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