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The module allows YOU and YOUR users to post articles.

The features list:

  1. Add articles.
  2. Specify location (if it's needed).
  3. Attach image which can help to describe the article better.
  4. Each Article has its own page with Breadcrumbs, Content, Share buttons, Comments, etc blocks.
  5. Share a page in social networks.
  6. Use Privacy settings to control the access to an article view page.
  7. Use Privacy settings to control who can comment an article.
  8. Recent Articles on site's home page.
  9. Articles home page and the other browsing pages.
  10. Manage articles tool, which allows to easily manage your own articles in one place.
  11. Articles was integrated with default UNA's Timeline.
  12. Administration panel in Studio.
  13. Use UNA's ACL to control the access to module related actions, like create article, browse articles, etc. By default Moderator and Admininstrator profiles can create articles. It can be changed via Studio -> Permissions.

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