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We are group of professional programmers from Company with a big experience in web development (more then 10 years).
We have been successfully working with Boonex during last 10 years and guarantee 100% quality and unlimited support for our products and custom work. You may read more about our team on our own site.
Feel free contact us via inbox or our own email address
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Hello everybody.

We start this thread to notify you about all new Apps and Apps' updates.
Feel free to check it from time to time and may be you'll find something interesting and useful for you. :)

Best Regards
AQB Soft Team

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How to download the product with a license?


We've buy a license for , however when I go to the page and click the "Download" button, it shows "ACCESS DENIED.". I didn't find a place to input the license code to download it.

Can you help me on this, any guide?


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Hi, does your news module has an RSS function or is there any RSS function you recommend that works with your News module? I mean to connect your news module to a news sources which will update it automatically, periodically. thanx

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I have 17 actions active with 3 social media share included. This is the bottom action menu with just two items. UNA v13.0.0 login as admin

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AQB Soft ( is not responding to my Messages so I am asking here the same question:

I am interested in buying your mod called Black list ( ) and I see no other possibility than purchase it with the Credit system?

I am asking because Black list module price is $19 and I don't want to buy $30 Credit..... what's the point? I don't want my money to be there in my Credits without any near future to use it. I 'd like to pay for the module over PayPal if possible

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I cannot set up levels. When I populate the form it just times out when I hit save. I have no idea what to save. I am okay with giving you site credentials.

As with everyone hehe, I am in a hurry for a resolution!

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We are looking for users such as AQB Soft who helped many times on other project we had in the pass years ago.

Ici Ca Baise is looking to grow it's community of developers with those of the Boonex community to develop a new social network within adult contents.

Feel free to contact us if you are a Boonex Developer.

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I installed the points system but cant figure out why its not working on the test members. I use the hosted service with una.

Any ideas what I could try?

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Reposted Full Circle's post.

I'm seeking white label saas affiliate opportunities to expose and sell into my local markets. If you can assist or fulfill, tap in!!!

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