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Greetings Everyone ! I was running my una site as a news site, but my Admin guy quit on me, so I decided to change my site to a Discussion Forum instead, this way I don't have to maintain News content which is a time consuming. I like UNA landing page (see attached) and was wondering if someone from UNA team or anyone can shed some light please as to how I can have exact similar Landing Page as UNA and have my users go directly to Discussions page once they visit my site www.abc.com - Thanks !

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    • Hey, just logged in and saw your post.

      For a start... You have got a very good-looking site and its content rocks. I love it... A lot has been done and I guess it must have been customized by professionals. You don't use a standard template.

      My advice would be to demonstrate whatever you plan on a development box which in turn is a duplicate of your production site.

      Here we go...!!! (Create a test page first just to get a good feel and look how it comes together.)

      1) Log in as operator/administrator and navigate to studio and click on pages.

      2) Select "Custom" on your left and click "Add New Page" to the far right.

      3) I will not go into much details yet regards to the "Create New Page" dialog, but you can just enter details like the name of the page etc. Will discuss more details later or you might just get around it hopefully.

      4) Okay... page is created but not yet configured. We need to add blocks. The blocks contain all the necessary information to get your discussion landing page ready.

      5) Click on "Add Blocks" and notice the selections to your left... Skeleton, System, Custom etc. rights until you see Discussion, Clicking on Discussion will in turn give you a list to the right that contains all the widgets, basically pre-configured and packed with Discussion gadgets.

      See how you can familiarize yourself with all that on your lap now and play around with it...... Well, when done you simply click "View Page" to see what results each gadget or widget will give you until you begin to feel your required need is met.

      There might be an easier way....I am fairly new myself but has been around to at least get you going.

      Good luck....and you welcome

      • Good starting point ! Thanks @Chris Andre Buys !

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