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hello, this is my second post of the same topic. i assume you didn't got the 1st post...

this issue is still actual, but meanwhile i got an another issue with my meneged service upgrade. this service changed from 32 to 64bit and with it i had to upgrade it. but my settings for the cron-jobs were lost.

this is the dialog of this set-up:

-there is a box for http-calls over url and direct script-call

-and then there is place where the path of url-target or script (Depending on the type of call (HTTP or direct), the target to be entered below designates a URL that is to be called or the path to a script in your directory structure.)

what is the working set-up for the cronejobs?

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    • I have it implemented like this: /opt/php/7.4/bin/php -q /var/www/u000000/data/www/site domain/periodic/cron.php

      Instead of u0000000 and the site domain, you need to specify your own values.

      Lead time: * * * * *

      • Hello @dusko  !

        First of all, I couldn't find the "the same topic". But anyway - may you plz translate the first 2 lines from your screen (where we see the Type, Ziel, and other points)? I suggest you need to use the Ziel variant.

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