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Hi everyone,

Please spare me the "figuring out how part"

My requirements in a nutshell:

I am the owner of my site but wish to have administrators. My standard users will not have all the default features available and therefore must apply to join a particular level of permission, be it paid or not.

Where can I find any guideline that will help me step by step to put all this together?

Case scenario:

People join and wish to create organizations. I've revoked that privilege because there must be a process of approval to grant them these permissions by means of assigning a higher level to them OR if this process Ott to be automatic and maybe even require a paid subscription.

Thanks in advance



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      • Hi LeonidS,

        Thanks for your speedy response...

        I've been studying both these links including watching the video first, before reaching out to you guys for help.

        Let me give a more standard and practical example: From the (Studio) App front Store, we do have a few free modules and really, we can all agree that this all is a gift from God...love you guys for giving it to us to steer us in the right direction.

        Okay... If I install the Organization App/Module, members can by default create their own organization according to the permission chart. So, I removed that privilege so that they can apply for it.

        There can be two scenarios: First one: - Applying for it can happen in a manner where they complete a form that is channel through to the site administrator and if they comply, it's granted to them.

        Second: - What if I want to have a paid subscription for it, they buy it and on receive of payment it is granted to them automatically without any human intervention like the administrator for instance, no need for him to do anything.

        Hope this helps....



        • O' by the way... The video shows the "Pricing Option" and we don't have that in our UNA Software......not sure, but that was Dolphin

          • Hi LeonidS,

            Could it be that the "Paid Level" app will resolve my problem? "Paid level" app is not a free module.

            I am in the process of getting my finances in order even just to become a premium member. I don't have the funds yet, but hopefully soon.

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