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Hi Guys,

I want to use instead of category. can anyone make the change in post module. or create a post module like this.

I think we can hide category option and create a new module for . can anyone develop module for option.

Also is it possible to disable status update and keep only post module.

Thanks and Regards,

Travis K

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    • Hello travis k !

      Please specify "instead of category" - do you want that on blocks like "Photo categories" your UNA site will have the similar but with links? If yes then our Channels app is ready for this. For Posts app it's enough to write in Text field. Other issues depend form your tasks.

      • so i want the block field where user can put one or multiple hashtag manually which will work with channel app..

        sometimes users dont put hashtag inside the post ..so i want separate block which i can make compulsory.

        • hi guys,

          can anyone create a module for hashtag..

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