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Is una 13.0.0 is stable version ?

When i am in channel mode stable in developer module. I am not able to see upgrade option to una 13.



but when i am changing update channel to beta then only it showing upgrade version to una 13.0.0


and when i did click on upgrade its not upgrading to una 13.0.0 instead its upgrading to 13.0.0-A1, 13.0.0-A2, 13.0.0-B1 and now its stuck here.



also my cache area is not visible anymore.

and there is queues block. what is this used for ?


can someone tell me how can i upgrade to una 13.0.0


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When i click to manage profile > delete button.

It is deleting my profile and its content even though i didn't choose "delete with content"

I am using una 12.1.0

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Do UNA have options to show suggested contents based on user past likes and dislikes. something which can capture user interaction with contents on website based on hashtag. and show user similar content based on those hashtags.

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Hi All, Looking for news module where moderator can add news links from different sources like reuters, bbc , etc. while adding news link from different source moderator will also define which category that news belong. In module, news will show short summary along with pic of news and when user was to read more it will click on read more and it will open full page or redirect to source (in this case reuters page)
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Hi All,

Is there any developer who can create erp module for una. Not complete erp just the accounting and billing part. like generate invoice from template, purchase , quotation, delivery, credit note, purchase order , expense, pro forma invoice. and few analytic features and reports on sales,etc

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Hi All,

how to get these share option like una. Its not showing in my website i am using una 12.1.0

Is this una version 13 ? is una 13 already out?


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Hi All,

I want to force user to add hashtag for all of their post. How to add that option.

Is labels option in una discussion module is same as channel/hashtag ?


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Hi All,

My recaptcha is not working. i am using google recaptcha v2. i put the key correctly and using una version 12.1.0

Can someone help me resolve this issue.


Below is the error i am getting .



Below is my recaptcha setting in studio


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