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    • Cheeky! Meeting the deadlines is an awesome, though rarely experienced feeling. 

    • If referring to the Meditation of the Buddha, he never asked his monks to go "meditate". He said "Go jhana", which means "Go contemplate". The Buddha was the first to formulate the scientific method and none of them used paper and pen, so everything had to be constructed and stored in their minds. That required a vast amount of focus and concentration. To train this, the Buddha developed a tool, "Samatha meditation", which is also referred to as "object oriented meditation".
      No other meditation was ever mentioned in the Pali texts. Vispassana is not "Buddhist meditation" It is a commercial version of a form described in the Vedas.
      The original taught practice of the Buddha has nearly died out in commercialism.

      • Thank you Pethol for in depth explanation... few points i heard very 1st time regarding Vipassana.

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