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New install of Una. Thought it was going pretty smooth, but now all posts just spin and spin. They are posted though, if I just refresh the screen. This is the error that came up and the post submit just spins. I checked to make sure the file exists, and is in the directory it should be:

POST: https://mysite/cmts.php  500 (Internal Server Error)

send @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:6

ajax @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:6

e.fn.ajaxSubmit @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:55

t @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:55

dispatch @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:5

r.handle @ gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_d74a0e245515c6cd6b4bc328820d2649.js:5

Help please!! Thank you!


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I'd like to understand more about how the administration of Messenger works. Is it possible to clear rooms of all posts, or to delete and recreate rooms to clear them, inside of Una? Or will this be something dreadful like Chat+ where I have to go my server to accomplish this? We use chats to conduct meetings, and don't enjoy having months of meetings left up. Thanks!

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I've been with Boonex for several years, and am looking into UNA as a possibility for upgrading my site. However, my site is totally private, I want to either set up members myself, or send them invitations to sign up. I want nothing in my site visible to visitors, and I don't want members to share to any social media. I've been looking at ways to do this through the Studio and settings but other than setting permissions for logged in members, I cannot find a way to do this. Can someone point me in the correct direction? I would like to remove all sharing links from the site as well. Thanks! 

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Wonder why it is that my Edge browser is showing this page so crazy.. is the CSS messed up, or my browser? Ugh

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