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On my website, several tons of spammers want to register new malicious accounts every day! I think everyone's website should be the same.

In the dolphin system, you can search the "join.php" in Apache's access_log, you will see a lot of logs... spammers want to register new account records...

In the UNA system, you can search the "page.php" in Apache's access_log,


How do we completely prevent, block and kill spammers?

observe the access_log record, you will see that all spammers will not browse your website, like your website, spammers just want to register a new account!

Well, You know, spammers will directly open the registration page and paste random registration information...

so we just add this code in front of join.php for Dolphin 7.4.2:

 * Copyright (c) BoonEx Pty Limited -

 * CC-BY License -


define('BX_JOIN_PAGE', 1);


check-url.php :

if (!isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) || substr($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], 12, 7) != 'insoler') {

    echo '< html >

    < meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" / >

    < body >Hello World< /body > //You can put any welcome words

    < /html >';



as long as spammers don't visit your website and directly open the registration page, they would only see a blank page with "Hello World" only!

This code will not affect the real "human" at all !

Why is 99.99% not 100% ?

Well, You know, even if spammers have hands, they can still use their hands to manually register a new account, post spam by manually...

My site is 100% no spammers for more than 8 years!

Need a demo?

Please go to my website :

or  try this please :

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Finally I upgraded the entire website to all new version for ultimate Dolphin 7.4.2!

📌 PHP 7.4.5


📌 ffmpeg version 4.4.2


📌 PHP 7.4.5 and Zend OPcache


📌 MySQL Community Server 8.0.20


📌 Use InnoDB and utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci or utf8mb4_bin


📌 TinyMCE 5.2.2


In the next step of having the ultimate dolphin, I think I should switch to UNA. don't wait for me, I'm coming...

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I just upgrading to Dolphin 7.4.1. Next step I should start to study how to use dolphin_migration for migration dolphins to UNA.

But, on the UNA website, downloaded UNA 9 with only 4 modules. So I downloaded UNA on github:

UNA installer still forgot to detect http or https, If the site is already using https, we will see a messy page after the installation is complete.

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The is development demo has been down for more than a week... 

it say...

Mysql error:
Unknown column 'bx_timeline_events.sticked' in 'order clause'


so, this is the use MySQL Server 8.0.15??

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If BOONEX wants Dolphin and UNA to be liked by many people, I recommend not trying to design a template for BOONEX Only ! Because the number of new templates is too few, even almost equal to zero...

BOONEX Should support the world's most popular template, Such as the WordPress template.

In this case, any website that uses UNA, there are countless more templates available today. Rather than going around to find a UNA-specific template that is hard to find.

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You can also block spammers completely, Almost 99.99%!
PHP 7.4.5, MySQL 8.0.20, TinyMCE 5.3.0 for Ultimate Dolphin. What next?
UNA installer still forgot to detect http or https
The demo down for more than a week
Please support the world's most popular template