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Reviewing the update to messenger, I noticed an ability to add non-site members to the messenger.  How do we do that or did I misinterpret it?

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Attempted to test out the massmailer on the site, only it failed.  Below is a pic of how everything is set up.  Any inputs?

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With the recent events that have transpired between corporate SM and smaller sites like Parler, I'm disappointed to see that UNA 12.0.B only has cross platform sharing enabled for 3 sites, Twitter, FB and Pinterest.  There isn't even a button for members to tap that will give them a link to copy.  As we all are moving towards a decentralized SM type of presence and continue to need to broadcast advertise our sites, cross-platform sharing releveland topics/videos/photos is by far the most effective.  If your into tractors and goats and I see your conversation on Twitter, it would only make sense to post my video of a goat driving a tractor on Twitter, which I can do with the Twitter button.  But what if your on GAB, Telegram, Parler (when it comes back up) or even another UNA site?  A simple link button like we have to bring cross-platform content in should be enabled to send it out.  

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The Giphy library currently loads on desktop and Apple iPhone (I refuse to buy an android device) from left to right in a single line. Honestly this sucks. We need it to load like this pic from Twitter, how do we do it?  

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What’s the trick to getting GIFY sitewide in Discussions, Posts, Classes, comments and so on?  Members love this item and to limit it to messenger is a felony. 

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I'd like to say thanks to Boonex here.  I've been around, lurking and playing with things Boonex and others for a decade now, though never spoke here until recently.  I remember the early Dolphin days, when they first began to Cache pages, when bx_ was boonex_ for so many sql entries.  I'd like to say thanks as I build my own site for the first time.  Thanks for such an amazing open source script that can be explored and manipulated, yet has the ability once learned to operate with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Except menus permissions, those are a few thousand.

What's more is Boonex staff is always ready to step up and help in any situation.  This staff doesn't just put out software that we all complain about but they are actually willing and ready to go into the servers and help us find the source of issues we encounter.  I just had one in my server today who quickly pointed out 3 boxes I had checked incorrectly that was causing my issue.  No other software company is going to do that.  None.  

As I take UNA 12.0.B into a production environment I do this confidently because I know the Boonex staff will have my back as this site grows.  I am happy to pay the monthly stipend for a script that is constantly evolving at a record pace.  They went from 11.0.4 to 12.0.B in less than 2 weeks.  Only 7 months to write all of 11.  Seriously, this thing is moving way faster than any other script.  The support is phenomenal, as they answer questions for us in what has to be the middle of the night for them.  

I tip my hat to you Boonex, Andrew Boon and all of the Boonex staff.  You guys are the epitomy of a phenomenal crew ready to not only create an amazing script but back it up with your own sweat as it ventures into the world.  

If you had GIFY in here I'd post a This Bud's For You meme.  (hint hint)

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Odd issue with UNA 12.0 Beta.  Some of the profiles are showing up with the Deploriable ID (Full Name) and some are not.  Any suggestions?  This issue existed prior to the install of the Xenon Theme.  

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Running UNA 12.0.B1 =>  When users attempt to input their phone number on the join form it responds that it's an invalid number and wants a country code.  We don't use country codes in the US to call each other, where do I get this module to comprehend that?

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It's installed and starting to operate.  Issues are as follows:

1.  Site has an issue on resolving the first time someone goes to the URL.  At first this appeared to be an issue that some files were https & some were http.  As testers go to the site for me I am getting the same report back.  White page w/ una on the upper left hand section.  They click the "una" and it loads the home page.

2.  When members attempt to upload photos to their profile, yes it uploads the photo but it will NOT set the photo into the profile circle.  I've check & rechecked for any approval I might need to give and that's not the case.

3.  Messenger loads a screen with site header and that's it.  Rest is a blank white screen and nothing loads for messenger.  

4.  Categories for Discussion (forum).  Seriously, we have to go and hunt this down to add different categories in the Studio and it's not counter intuitive.  You seriously have to hunt for this.

Yes, I'm taking an UNA 12.0 into a live site over the next week and giving it a damn workout because I don't have a choice.  Boonex forced this situation by updating all apps to being ONLY compatible with UNA 12.0.B1 after they had just released 11.04.1 on 12/23/20.  So approximately 2 wks between 11.04.1 and when those modules became unusable for a stable copy of UNA.  

The Admin Panel in UNA is NOT user friendly for the average person.  It's a guessing game as to what is done where.  Shall we talk about the menu builder?  9 permission levels and everything turned on to anyone.  Since when do we allow unauthenticated and suspended profiles to upload things to a site?  No way to do a blanket set of permissions.  There are hundreds and hundreds of menu buttons that have to have their permission set manually.

Next up is the Invite Module.  Installing this module sets the site to Invite Only status and if a potential member comes in they can NOT join your site without an invite.  This took over an hour to figure out where the issue was because again no documentation.  Modules should NOT make a site harder to join, things like Invite Only should be set to off and physically turned on by the admin, not the other way around.  

FFMPEG can have it's permissions set to 777 via a SQL injection at the time of install, but this NOT being done.  Why?  Instead we have to run an audit on the site and set this file manually, which is just a waste of time for something that is standard on Boonex software.  

I am going to give some good statements about this.  The FB, Twitter and so on modules work well.  While I haven't had the chance yet to fully test these to their full capabilities they so far have done what they need to do.  However, documentation, which is not a strongsuit for Boonex is lacking.  Again the software comes with zero instructions.  Perhaps later I'll do a blog post on how to get the Keys & Secrets for those who don't know.  I didn't until today.  

I'm please to see PLYR as a module.  The difference between this and what most sites are running is night & day.  Much clearer videos w/good resolve times. Good job on selecting this item.

Users need to be aware that many power modules have an associated cost with them, like rocket chat for instance.  Excellent program but can quickly bankrupt a SM type site that's trying to build a following with little to no revenue.  Again, documentation helps with this.  

Install/Upgrade instructions for updates/patches.  Boonex assumes everyone has watched them install this software a million times and knows the process.  These discussions are proof that's not true.  Take some time and actually write up a basic user guide and install instructions.  It will accomplish great things for you.  We already know you have the best software which is why I'm about to put a beta program into production.  What detracts from it is a blatant refusal at this point to provide useful instructions to assist the end user.  This damages the reputation of boonex as people become frustrated and walkaway thinking the software is junk, it consumes the time of your customers, the webmasters who attempt to use this software and then your own staff's time answering questions.  Seriously, we are all hackers here.  As hackers we like to share info so no one wastes time on something already done by someone else.  So Boonex, get onboard with us and quit making us hunt down info.  

An example of this is yesterday.  I spent 12 hours hunting down and then trying to upgrade to 12.  Not joking, 12 hours.  Finally 10 at night I gave up and asked my hosting provider to do the upgrade which they agreed to do.  At 5 am they gave up because they could NOT find any documentation on how to do the upgrade anywhere.  This is an experienced hosting company that Boonex recommends.  Finally at noon I locate the small response Alex T gave in regards to upgrading and it was one in minutes.  Literally minutes.  But 26 hours of times was wasted looking for something that could of been attached to the download with  a simple txt read before installing title on it.  I know Houston spent time on installing/upgrading to 12 because of the lack of instructions/documentation on the software.   The documentation with Dolphin was poor, but you have zero w/UNA and that's simply preposterous.  Come on Boonex, your better than this.  

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