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We understand that efficiency and reliability are key factors in any social platform. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that users will soon be able to download and utilize tests for UNA Framework. These tests are designed to automate various functions within UNA, including the creation of accounts, profiles, groups, albums, and other types of content. Furthermore, these tests will facilitate the establishment of connections between profiles, such as friendships and relationships.

But that's not all – these tests are not just about convenience. They also serve as a powerful tool for our developers to ensure the stability and functionality of UNA. By identifying and addressing any potential bugs or issues in advance, we can ensure a seamless experience for all users.

One particularly exciting prospect is our plan to automate the testing process for third-party modules before they become available in the UNA marketplace. While this is a future endeavor, we believe that implementing this practice will contribute to the overall quality and reliability of the platform's extensions. At this stage, developers will be responsible for conducting these tests themselves.

To achieve this, we have chosen Playwright as our testing framework. Playwright offers a comprehensive and versatile set of tools for browser automation, and you can learn more about it on their official website: https://playwright.dev

These tests will be made accessible through a dedicated Git repository, providing a convenient way for developers to access and collaborate on testing resources.

We invite you all to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. What specific tests would you find valuable? Are there any particular aspects of our software that you would like to see thoroughly tested? Your feedback is incredibly important to us as we strive to make UNA the best it can be.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input, and we look forward to incorporating your insights into this exciting new phase of UNA's development!

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hey so we have been emailing back and forth and I bought the old dolphin software is there a way to get the license for that because It has yet to send it to me 

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