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I would like to have my homepage displaying a background that is totally different from the background of the rest of the site, is this possible with any of the templates or Apps?

With Protean, the background of the site can be edited under Body>Background. This affects the entire site, so it is not possible to selectively change the background of specific pages. Are there currently any alternatives to this in UNA?

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If I understand correctly the 3 main templates currently maintained at UNA although stylistically different  are functionally similar. 

So my question is: by paying 50 to 100 USD/Year for Lucid or Decorous will this only enable accessing different layouts (possibly with more interesting forms of navigation) or are we accessing structurally different templates as well, that can allow site admins increased ability to tweak more aspects of the website?

For example, with Protean, editing the value for the background will, in principle, change the background for all pages, but it could be envisioned that in the Pages App we could define the value for the background for more "special" pages., Tis does not happen in Protean, is it possible in other Templates? Are the restrictions and rules for editing the different blocks and pages exactly the same in any of the templates, or are there differences at this level too?

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Dear All,

The company running the server where I've started my UNA project just sent me an e-mail indicating the possible presence of Malware code (please see the attachment for a screenshot).

I understand that sometimes this is not as bad as it sounds, but just to be in the safe side I would like to double-check this with the community and maybe have a general take on aspects of security with UNA. Is this thoroughly discussed anywhere?

Many thanks,


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Hello All,

I'm looking into the forms builder.

Was wondering if there is a way to create a list not by manual entry of every single item, but perhaps by updating a *.CSV file. There are two examples I find relevant:

  1. Say you want to upload a list postal codes for a country, this is something you might get online as a single file, but transposing it manually to the site can be not only time consuming, it lends itself to errors.
  2. Another example, is the categorization of professions & occupations. There are many professions which you might want to distribute in different areas such as Healthcare, engineering, education, services, etc. In this case there are dependencies to observe, so that for example, "nurse" or "doctor" falls under "Healthcare", while "teacher" falls under Education.

Could anyone share ideas on how to streamline the incorporation of large lists or tables into a UNA project?

Many thanks!


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Hello again!

Here's something I would be very interested in doing: I would like to edit the properties of the block for a "NEW POST" so that instead of only one field under "Text", I would actually would have 3 text fields named, say "Introduction", "Methods" and "Results & Discussion". Does this fall in the area of custom development or is it something possible to do through the back-end?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to UNA and I am very unexperienced in matters of web dev.

In attempting to know UNA with the Protean theme, I am trying to make some basic stylistic modifications, such as changing the color of things.

I've created a new style/mix in the "PROTEAN" Una-App, which is my default theme. The new style is always saved after implementing some modifications, but  despite this I continue to see no changes in my website. For example, in the new style I created, under "LARGE BUTTONS", changing the value of "On-hover background color" did not show any change in the website preview.

It seems to me that the "System" style/mix continues to be used, regardless of whatever I do. I explored the "DESIGNER" UNA-App, which allowed me to change the cover image, but saw no entry that would allow me to change the colors of the themes.

Could anyone point me to the right direction?

Many thanks,


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Hi everyone,

I've been playing with the idea of creating a community for some time and I was really happy when I discovered UNA.

Unfortunately, despite my enthusiasm, I know very little about web development. I've played a little bit with wordpress which I felt to be a bit confusing, and had a look at Joomla which I felt to have a more structured and clean back-end. The fact is that all my life my interests have been scattered around other places unrelated to PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS etc. When it comes to writing scripts, only a year ago I begun picking up on programming to make some data analysis algorithms using C, did some macros, and that's it.

With that said, I was wondering if there could be a gentle soul to give some advice on what to expect with UNA from the standpoint of an unexperienced user. I understand that UNA can do a lot (watch some videos), and that some custom functionality is possible but will naturally require some development. 

What I would like to know is:

  •  how complicated it is to setup and admin a basic community for someone with little or no experience. From the process of instillation, to setting up the design/layout, to defining different types of memberships and to manage monetization, or any relevant aspect involved in running a community.

If you feel that substantial technical knowledge is required, please leave some ideas on where to start and a path to follow.

Many thanks for your help and suggestions.



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