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when privacy options enabled in profile field  . say for example - Full name field

if user select option to show full name to friends only.

then the complete field not visible in profile info to public.

how public know that there is one field namely full name that was kept in private by user

Field should be visible to everyone. privacy settings should apply to field data But not Field

actually in my opinion it should be like this

field should be visible and name should not be visible. 

Full name  : Request access to View / visible to friends only or ( on mouse over)  click to  Add friend to view details ( if user clicks on add friend then its should go to register if he is not registered . if he is registered then friend request  / requesting access by user will be sent)  If user adds him s frind then automatically he /she will gain access to all fields

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User able to create groups with same name . system has to check before creating groups and it should not allow with same names.. i tried to add with same name its allowed.

actually i dont know how group works. but with this user may confuse about group


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created amazon aws account

added credit card for billing

created bucket

copied credentials and inserted into storage under settings ( attached image)

up[loaded images in albums but  saving in  local only

what i m doing wrong?

plz guide me


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with ref

can any one give example for how privacy for fields work?

anyone using it?

under system enhancements i have seen - Privacy for form fields - #2745


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downloaded fresh 12.0.0 B1

and installed in

site keys generated for

site keys generated for

tried above both ways

unable to connect to appsmarket 


url going always http instead of https ( checked under inc/  ) there its showing https:// only

https;// is working https:// not working

when i change site keys to

Then able to connect appsmarket.. Its working

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Added a discussion

How purchase of any module from UNA or any developer will works?

module purchase based on domain name or UNA licence and secret Key.

if Any kind of updates either una or any module  will be tested in first . if everything goes well then 

it will be installed in main site

in that case module will be installed in main domain as well as sub directory of the same domain.

then updates will work on both sites or not?

why i am asking because when i install UNA in root i have inserted secret and key which is created from 

for second installation in sub directory then created another secret and key in

purchased module will work in multiple installations on the same domain or not?


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Added a discussion

while uploading video in posts 

1. video uploaded correctly

2. video not visible

3. inserted to post

when i publish the following error came

Deprecated:  Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/moviema/public_html/modules/boonex/antispam/classes/BxAntispamModule.php on line 92
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/moviema/public_html/modules/boonex/antispam/classes/BxAntispamModule.php:92) in /home/moviema/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolProfileForms.php on line 31

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Added a discussion

is it possible to setup separate forms , form fields , blocks and permissions for each category in posts module


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