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Hi everyone,

I have configured my storage on Amazon S3.

I have made modifications to the database in the sys_objects_storage table.

Since there are currently only a few files on my site (for testing purposes), can I simply delete all the files/folders in the "storage" directory, even if I need to reinstall them on the site?

Or do I absolutely need to transfer them to S3?

If transferring is necessary, how should I proceed exactly?

Thank you very much.

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I have a problem with images not even displaying in the browser.

If I want to reinstall the latest version of Una, can I keep my current settings (account, apps...) and how, or will I have to reinstall everything?


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I would like to feed my facebook page automatically, whenever a "Una" member posts an information ..
is it possible to connect a Una page with my facebook page.
Or to be able to select members' posts in one click, to immediately transfer them on my Facebook page?

Thank you

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