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Who is developing custom themes? If you are, please message/email me.

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Hi, website owners. UNA has Discussions, Groups, Spaces, and Organizations. Which do you use on your site, and why?

In other words, in your website's structure, each of these has things in common. For instance, did you use Groups as a forum, or did you use Discussions as a forum?

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Hi peeps! How do I uninstall Artificer? Somewhere along the way, I lost the Footer. I also lost the page that allows me to change the website layout. I don't know for sure, but I need to delete Artificer to see if that's what caused the footer to go away.

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Hi peeps!

Just a suggestion here...

For the Messenger App, where everyone can chat in the same room at the same time, it would be cool to have it display a list of recent people in the chat room (activity within 5 minutes in the chat room). 

Also, I'm old school IRC, and it would be cool to see some kind Chat Bot for Messenger.

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Hi beautiful people,

Is there a way to move an entire from one to another Group?

On my site, I've got a public with Discussions posts in it. The front landing page is basically just a bunch of public discussion posts with a dozen different  

Is there a tool or mechanism to move the entire Category of Discussions from the landing page's general timeline to a Group?

On my site at this point, there are enough Discussion posts in a particular Category to merit that a new Group be created, and all of those Discussion posts be moved to the new Group. Is there a tool that does that?

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Hello, all

When in a Group, there is a TImeline that shows content from members of the Group.

There is a sort of menu that includes things like Posts, Discussions, Polls, and other things. When I click on any of these, it loads a box that says "EMPTY"

How do I (and members in any Group) post Polls, Discussions, Posts, and Videos to a Group?

One can Post To Feed, but there doesn't seem to be a way to post a Video, for instance.

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Howdy folks. Trying to upgrade to the newest version, but I'm getting this error: Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: template/scripts/BxBasePageBooks.php, template/images/spl-image-main-witches-community.png, template/images/homepage-welcome-card.png 

I did have a custom bit of code written ( https://witches.community/page/books ) that is probably the "template/scripts/BxBasePageBooks.php" part of the error.

Is there a way I can exempt these 3 items from the upgrade checker?

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Hello beautiful people!!!

I'd like to suggest an "app" for UNA. Maybe it can be a 3rd party app. 

There should be an app/module/whatever that allows folks to create collections of data. This is similar to the current Wiki app, but more powerful and automated and smart.

Lets say your members want to contribute to a database of Cars. Every entry needs an image, a description, and a type (Ford, Chevy, Mazda, etc.). 

What if you ran a website that centered around flowers. You could use a catalog that allowed people to add a flower, and a color, a type, a region, and all sorts of other characteristics to their entry. 

I propose an app that allows people/admin to create databases (like Wiki but much more powerful) that allows folks to add their own data to the collection.

The current Wiki feature is cool, but people won't use it because they must learn how to use it. I propose an app that makes entering/adding an entry into a "collection" much easier. 

Comments welcome.

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Hello wonderful people,

On my site I have set up Premium Memberships. I used the default settings for this that comes with UNA. A few issues to resolve:

(1) Members that purchase Premium Membership ($1 USD per month, reoccurring) can purchase Premium Membership many times because once Premium Membership is purchased, the Profile > Settings > Membership > BUY is still an option that can be selected. How to fix this?

(2) I use the Points App on my site. It awards Points to members for their actions on the site. When they get enough Points, they move up in Level. I have created 13 Levels. This works well. However, today when I implemented the Premium Membership option, once Premium Membership is purchased, it moves the member to Premium Level. This is good, but, it has an Expiration Date. I believe the Expiration Date is inherited from the Points App, as every Level I create (13 of them, remember) can have an Expiration Date associated with it. Question: Is the system smart enough to know that the expiration date set by default is equated to the next Premium Membership payment expected? In other words, will Premium Membership expire before the next reoccurring Payment is made, or is the system smart enough to know how to handle that?

(2.5) Is there a way to set the Expiration Date of Premium membership to 0 (zero, or never) ? Premium is not recognized in the Points App.

(3) How does the system know when to take the next payment from a member's PayPal of they have subscribed as a Premium Member? Is this on crontab, or...how does the system know when to request the funds that next month? Who controls that.. is that the site, or PayPal?

Thank you, beautiful people, for any answers to these questions.

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