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Hey everyone!
I am a UNA power user who has successfully launched both Android and iOS apps with custom branding and push notifications using the UNA open source package. I can help non-technical community owners a service that provides a complete launch of both Android and iOS. That means from downloading the source code, connecting it to your UNA community, customising the branding, splash screens, icons, push notifications all the way to adding to the app stores.

The app will be 100% published on your own accounts. I will guide you through each step to ensure you have everything you need to manage the apps post launch. 

I can also help with writing the content necessary on the app stores, I can do the screen shots needed for the app stores as well. 

You will need to pay the cost directly to Android ($25 lifetime) and iOS ($99) for the developer accounts. Again, I can ensure I help with that.

This cost does not include post launch app updates or regular occurrence maintenance, that can be quoted separately on a retainer type basis. 

If any questions just direct message me, 

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