Auto Membership

This module allows the site administrator to automatically assign membership levels to members upon joining based on certain criteria. This gives the flexibility of assigning different levels to different groups of persons.

The following options are available to choose from :

a) Gender of the Profile

d) The Age Range Profile

c) Location (Country, State, City)

d) Specific date of Joining

e) Month or Day of Joining 

Use Cases :

  • Example 1 - You could offer a promotion where persons who sign up on New Years day are given Gold Membership.
  • Example 2 - You could encourage more female participation by giving females who sign up Gold Membership while males have regular membership.
  • Example 3 - You could decide to give seniors (eg. members 60 yrs and older) free Gold Membership.

Customization Availability

If there is any other criteria (not mentioned here) that you would like to implement for your site, feel free to discuss with me.


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