Spotlight Ads

This is a great way to monetize your site. Members can pay to become Spotlighted and they will be prominently displayed in Spotlight blocks placed strategically throughout the site. This mod makes a perfect companion to our Premium Featured Members mod.

This functionality is integrated with Persons and Organizations. This can be enabled/disabled in the settings. There are separate page blocks for Persons and Organizations.


  • Unlimited number of members can purchase a Spotlight Spot.
  • Spotlight members are displayed randomly to give everyone a fair chance of exposure.
  • Members have the option to create a message for display in the Spotlight Spot or they can choose to display the contents of their Profile Description.
  • For Persons, it is possible to display information such as Gender, Age and Location along with the Ad description. The visibility of these items can be managed in Studio.


  • Profile Page has Action button to allow purchase of Spotlight Spot.


  • Members can Donate Spotlight Spot to another member.


  • Administrator can create different payment bundles that defines the length of time and cost to purchase featured status (eg. 5 days for 10 Credits).
  • Bundles can be created with Bonus periods. For example, a five day package may not have any bonus but a 30 day package gives an additional 3 days bonus.


  • Members can become Spotlighted by paying with Credits (if Credits mod is integrated).
  • Members can become Spotlighted by paying with Points (if AQB Points mod is integrated).


  • Limit spotlight spot purchase based on membership level
  • Limit spotlight spot purchase donation on membership level
  • Limit bonus period based on membership level


  • Spotlight block will be available on all pages upon installation and automatically added to all pages of any new module that is subsequently installed on the site.


  • Configure the Profile Types that can purchase spotlight spot
  • Configure the Payment Method for purchasing spotlight spot

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