Conditional Fields

This module allows to create a so called "#conditional ". I.e. a fields which appear only if a certain value is selected in another field.
A very common example is a Gender specific fields. For example if for a Gender is the "Man" selected then the field "Mustache" appears. Otherwise the field remains hidden. Or for example you can have a switcher "Job" which, when checked, shows a few job related fields, and when it is unchecked then all job related fields remain hidden.
Any customizable in UNA can be extended with this module and have conditional fields on it. I.e. Persons, Organizations, Posts, Discussions - literally any form can have conditional fields with this module.
The fields of the following types can be selected to determine conditions: select, radio set, checkbox, switcher
The fields of any type can be used as a conditional field. The only limitation though is that conditional fields can not be Mandatory.
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