Lucid template, a simple elegant theme, providing a Facebook-esque look and functionality to your UNA site. You can inspect a full demo site at 

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    • Beautiful template, sober, elegant, intuitive, clean, efficient. very nice job, thank you Una Team!

      • More great work from Andrew Boon & Anton L ? 

        • Nice, i like it! :)

          • It's a nice, well organized theme.

            • little documentations would be nice. Not sure why it doesn't default to what's shown. Pretty tough to get answers around here. Damn.

              • How do I makr it look like that? Mine looks like shit :-(

                • 1. Site Dropdown Navigation setting is not responding as it should on Una 11.0. My output shows the first 3 links next to my site logo:


                  2. Returning users logon information is not populating when selecting the "Remember me" button. Totally useless at this point.

                  3. No way to display navigation links as text only? 

                  4. User information display and discussion posts are all misbehaving:



                  5. Improvement Request - The ability to reset all changes back to default settings.

                  For an annual maintenance fee, I hope that someone responds quickly!! 

                  Also, I agree that if you're advertising a template with a demo/preview site, the default should look just like - wtf??

                  Thanks - Jethro

                  • Please tell me how to configure the template? I have a blank page after activation:((

                    • Is there a way to install LUCID template from Apps-Market on actualy UNA version 11.0.4?

                      Allways when i try to install i receive an error message "UNA version not compatible"

                      Thanks for your help!

                      • Looks nothing like promised. Feel a bit scammed to be honest, can you either refund or tell me how to have my theme looks like yours please?

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