This is similar to the Sites module that existed in Dolphin. It allows the posting of websites. Posting can be restricted to administrators only or allowed for all members..

Implements the API from to automatically capture the screenshot of the Websites. You will have to create an account on to get your Access and Secret key.

The following details can be included when posting:

Affiliate Url - An associated Affiliate link can be posted for a website. When the website listing is clicked on, the affiliate link will be loaded.

Additional Urls - Other Urls that points to the same site.

Membership Type - What kind of membership exists for the site (whether paid, free, private, invite only etc.)

Site Costs - For paid sites, what fees are involved etc.

Current Promotions - Mainly for paid sites, this provide details of any discounts etc. presently available.

Targeted Audience - Who the website is intended for.

Positive Features - What is good about the site.

Negative Features - What is not so good about the site.

Location and Contact Info - Contact information for the website (relevant for businesses with a physical address etc). This includes :

a) Address 

d) Phone

e) Email


  • Restrict posting based on membership level
  • Restrict who can post Affiliate links based on membership level


  • Access and Secret Key for API Connection
  • Zoom scale of website before screenshot is captured 
  • How long capturing engine waits before screenshot is captured 
  • Format of the screenshot
  • Device used for capturing the screenshot
  • Size of the screenshot in format (width)x(height)


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