Virtual Drinks

This is the UNA version of my existing Drinks App for Dolphin. This module allows members to send Virtual Drinks to each other. There is a very huge selection of 1200+ Drinks to choose from. See sample feature list below.


-> Profile Page has Menu Options to Send Drink (when viewing another member) or Manage Drinks (when viewing self)

-> Drinks are categorized for easy selection.

-> Members can Post a Message along with sending the Drink.

-> Block is displayed on Profile page showing all Drinks received by a member.

-> Manage Drinks page allows members to manage all Drinks that are sent or received.

-> Administrator can manage existing Drinks or upload new ones. 


  • Integrated with Credits App so members will have to pay with Credits to send a Drink to another member
  • Integrated with Points App so members will have to pay with Points to send a Drink to another member
  • Administrator can activate a Payment option in the studio settings for the App or allow Drinks to be sent for free
  • The Price for Drinks can be configured individually or all Drinks can be changed to the same price in the settings


  • Drunk Meter is displayed on the Profile
  • Administrator can activate/de-activate drunk meter feature
  • Administrator configures reset period for meter (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Based on the number of drinks that are received in the period, the drunk status (sober, buzzed, tipsy etc) changes


  • Administrator can limit based on membership level who can send or receive drinks
  • Administrator can configure Premium Memberships to send Drinks free while Standard Members must pay

This is the perfect companion to our Virtual Flowers and Virtual Gifts Apps.

You can view my full list of mods at

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