This add-on will implement a wishing center on your site which will give members the ability to create wishes and other generous members can help with fulfilling them.


- Members can create wishes and post them for viewing by the general community. 

- Community members can make offers to grant or partially grant wishes posted. Wish poster can accept/reject the offer.

- Community members who cannot make an offer can still join a wish as a supporter.

- Community members who grant wishes become Heroes.

- Members can link to Paypal or GoFundMe to accept donations.

- Wish poster can manually flag a wish as Granted and it will stop accepting offers.


  • Browse by Latest, Popular, Featured, Favorite or Granted
  • Wish For - Browse wishes based on who they are targeting (Self, Community etc.) 
  • Wish Type - Browse wishes based on the Type (Want or Need)


  • Supporters Block -This block shows all members who are supporting
  • Offers Block - This block shows all offers that have been made
  • Reviews Block - Members can post reviews for a Wish listing


DEMO: http://una.dolphinmods.com/page/wish-home


You can view my full list of mods at https://una.io/page/products-author?profile_id=200

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