Comment to 'Affiliate System'
Comment to Affiliate System
    • pillarcom
    •  ·  a minute ago
    • I do not know how else to reach you.

       , I sent you mail every day to let you know the importance of this project. Without the referral system working properly, I do not have business using the UNA.

      My business has been on a stand still because of this Referral /Affiliate issue not working properly.

      Users can't register new downlines under them.

      Please attend to this ones and for all.

    • Hello!


      should finish the registration by himself to be sure that the

      registration is real. So, the all information about referrer is stored

      in browser of the potential member and after his confirmation user is

      added to the referred list automatically. It means that if admin

      confirms the profile it will not work. But admin can add referral to

      this member manually via studio->affiliate system->members area.

      It will take the same take as profile confirmation via Accounts module.

      We will update this algorithm in the next version and to make it possible to register user after admin's confirmation.